Webinar Recording Now Available – How to Succeed on the QLTS Assessments

Webinar Recording Available – How to Succeed on the QLTS Assessments

Thanks to all who attended Sunday’s webinar!

In the webinar, Ben May and the team at QLTS School discussed why should you qualify as an English solicitor, the structure of the QLTS assessments, the courses offered by QLTS School for the MCT and OSCE assessments, and provided tips for success in the examinations.

If you missed it, the recording of the webinar is now available to watch online:

Watch the Recorded Webinar Now more

Live Webinar – How to Succeed on the QLTS Assessments

Live QLTS Webinar – Sunday, January 25, 2015 – 5.00pm (GMT)

Join Ben May and the team at QLTS School and attend a free, hour-long webinar:

“How to Succeed on the QLTS Assessments” 

The webinar will cover the following topics:

• Why you should become a dual-qualified an English solicitor?

• The strcuture of the assessments – MCT and OSCE exams and eligibility criteria

• Preparation courses offered by QLTS School

• Tips for success in the assessments

• Q & A session

The presentation will show you why hundreds of lawyers have taken the QLTS and chosed QLTS School as their

The webinar is intended for anyone who is still undecided whether to take the QLTS or to sign up for a course. more

Pending Changes to the QLTS Following an SRA Consultation

A recently closed SRA consultation on qualification for the legal profession points to imminent changes to the QLTS. The consultation, which concluded during November 2014, proposed a number of modifications to the current system which, if approved, would be likely to be implemented during 2015.

Certificate of Eligibility

The cornerstone of the consultation is the proposal to remove the need for candidates to apply for and obtain a certificate of eligibility prior to applying for a place on the QLTS assessments. more

London Legal Services Market Increasingly International

In a recent blog post, we wrote about the growth of UK law firms at the top end of the US market, especially in New York. It was once said that the US and the UK are two nations divided by a common language, but when it comes to legal services, they seem to be very much on the same page.

Research conducted by The Lawyer and published as part of its report on the Top 200 UK law firms tells the story of the impact US firms are having on the market for legal services within the UK. more

Multi-Jurisdictional Lawyers to Lead the Way Forward in NY

For many years London has been a happy hunting ground for major US firms. As early as 1961 Baker & McKenzie set up shop in London, and in the intervening 53 years we have seen dozens of firms enter the UK legal market, whether through mergers with London firms or simply creating an international office, with varying degrees of success. The impact of UK firms on the US market, however, has been far less successful on the whole.

Now, some major UK legal brands are looking to change this. more

The New York State Bar Association (NYSBA) International Section’s 2014 Seasonal Meeting

QLTS School is a media sponsor of the New York State Bar Association (NYSBA) International Section’s 2014 Seasonal Meeting entitled “Rebuilding the Transatlantic Marketplace: Austria and Central Europe as Catalysts for Entrepreneurship and Innovation.”

Co-sponsored by the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL), a full day of the meeting will focus on UNCITRAL instruments and take place at its Vienna headquarters.

The Meeting will focus on three broad topics: (1) Regulatory and Administrative Law; (2) Transactional Law; and (3) Dispute Resolution, and panels of interest include:

• International Litigation and Arbitration

• FACTA Implementation

• Cross Border Insolvency

• E-Commerce

• Women, Entrepreneurship and Access to Finance

• CISG – International Sale of Goods

• Best Practices in Distribution Contracts

• Cross Border Joint Ventures

• Competition Law

• Anti-Corruption Statutes

• Trusts in Civil Law Jurisdictions

• Issues in the Energy Industry

• Expatriates in Europe

Werner Faymann, the Prime Minister of Austria, and Alexa Wesner, the United States Ambassador to Austria are expected to address the attendees. more

Are In-House Roles the New Legal Career Path of Choice?

Lawyers have always been divided into categories: litigator vs. contract drafter; big-city vs. provincial; business vs. private client; but one of the other classic divides is becoming less rigid, that of working in-house vs. in private practice.

Recent statistics compiled by a global legal recruiter, Laurence Simons, show that companies across Europe, Africa and the Middle East have been beefing up their internal legal teams, and will continue to do so over the next few years. What makes this particularly interesting is that the types of lawyers being recruited are typically found only private practice, such as tax lawyers. more

London edges out New York as the most popular destination for global professionals

London has overtaken New York as the most popular city for professionals working outside of their home country. Nationally, the US remains the most popular destination, but its better economic growth statistics have seen the UK almost catch up.

The survey carried out by global recruiter Hydrogen this year, saw it consult with professionals in 99 different countries. The defining message of the results is that the UK’s positive economic outlook, with 0.8% GDP growth for the first quarter of 2014, and five consecutive quarters of growth, has not gone unnoticed. more

5 Reasons Why London Remains the Legal Capital of Europe

Businesses from all parts of the world regularly choose to use the law of England and Wales as the basis of their international commercial agreements. This has made London the capital of Europe, if not the world, for law and legal practice. Here’s a reminder of what makes London so attractive, and why English law continues to rule the business world:

  1. Stable legal system

The English justice system has centuries of tradition behind it, but above all it is renowned for the quality of its judges, their impartiality, and the reliability of their judgments. more

Will the SRA’s new flexibility on legal education be extended to the QLTS?

The SRA recently published the responses to its public consultation on its proposals to reform the training regime for aspiring lawyers. The proposals, which have been named Training for Tomorrow, recommend important changes to the requirements placed on students, at both ends of the process. One of the more interesting proposals, proposal 1, was to create an exemption from the academic requirements, for people who have followed an equivalent track.

Typically, a budding solicitor follows one of two possible paths in their legal education. more

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Webinar Recording Now Available - How to Succeed on the QLTS Assessments

Webinar Recording Available - How to Succeed on the QLTS Assessments Thanks to all who attended Sunday's webinar! In the webinar, Ben May and the team at QLTS..... more


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