London edges out New York as the most popular destination for global professionals

London has overtaken New York as the most popular city for professionals working outside of their home country. Nationally, the US remains the most popular destination, but its better economic growth statistics have seen the UK almost catch up.

The survey carried out by global recruiter Hydrogen this year, saw it consult with professionals in 99 different countries. The defining message of the results is that the UK’s positive economic outlook, with 0.8% GDP growth for the first quarter of 2014, and five consecutive quarters of growth, has not gone unnoticed. In terms of major cities, 14 percent of overseas professionals expressed preference for London, double the number opting for New York. English-speaking countries were generally given preference over other popular destinations, such as Switzerland, Germany and UAE.

In terms of legal professionals, London has for many years been the go-to destination. Its robust court system, the prevalence of English law in cross-border commercial contracts, and the strength of its financial sector have long attracted legal talent from other common law jurisdictions, as well as European neighbours. This is borne out by the SRA’s latest numbers on QLTS candidates, which show that foreign-qualified lawyers taking the QLTS assessments made up 7% of all new solicitors added to the Roll between May 2013 and May 2014, almost double the number of successful QLTS candidates from the previous year.

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