QLTS Skills Online – an Innovative, Interactive and Enjoyable Online Tool to Prepare for the OSCE Assessment

QLTS Skills Online

Mastering the Five Skills in Order to Achieve Success on the Practical Assessment

QLTS Skills Online is a great support tool for learning the skills required on the OSCE assessment, the second element of the QLTS.

A short book available to view online which accompanies this online resource introduces candidates to the concepts behind the skills while a series of online interactive exercises, some featuring video and audio material, offer candidates a way to practise the skills required, preparing them for the mock practice stations and formal assessment.

Covering legal writing and drafting, advocacy, interviewing, and online legal research, QLTS Skills Online complements and builds on any existing course material provided to you by QLTS School and the tutors. You are also given the chance to put the skills into practice in a realistic case study.

Key Benefits:

  • More than 60 interactive exercises covering the five skills tested on the OSCE in the context of litigation, business law, and conveyancing, ensuring that you gain genuinely transferable knowledge of the skills
  • Video and audio material complements the exercises to provide a varied and interesting resource that engages candidates, making it an easy tool to use to improve your legal skills
  • A 100-page accompanying book ensures that you are familiar with the principles behind each skill and provides examples taken from day-to-day practice
  • Videoed interviews with practitioners offer you an insight into how the skills you are learning will be used throughout your professional career

The online format of the resource ensures that you are able to practise the skills stipulated on the OSCE assessment, rather than merely reading about them, enabling you to feel more confident during mock assessments and ultimately, during the formal practical assessment.

To give you an idea of what to expect, we have created a demo version of QLTS Skills Online. The demo includes one exercise per skill area.

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Access to QLTS Skills Online is offered as an integral part of our OSCE Advantage and Premium Course Packages .

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