New personalised QLTS MCT study plan offering already a hit!

Preparation for the MCT Assessment

New MCT package gives candidates a flying start to their QLTS preparation thanks to a personal consultation and customised initial study plan.

In December last year, we quietly revamped our MCT packages, adding new features.

As we’ve been flat out updating course content, we didn’t announce the new packages straight away; our priority was to ensure all the course materials reflected the new SRA Day One Outcomes.

The idea was to ‘officially’ announce the new packages in our next webinar (coming later in January) and in a blog post. But people are already seeing the value in the new MCT training courses and signing up, in greater numbers than we expected!

What’s so special about the new offering? The MCT Premium Course includes initial guidance and a tailor-made study plan prepared by a QLTS School senior tutor. The study plan is a suggested calendar for study, with target completion dates for each of the modules and a step-by-step guide to preparation for each Day One Outcome assessed in the MCT. It is prepared after consultation with one of our tutors by telephone and is customised according to the individual needs and circumstances of each candidate.

The personalised study plan is an excellent tool for candidates to make a solid and focused start in their preparation efforts. With suggested yet realistic deadlines, candidates can check their progress and hopefully maintain the self-discipline needed to thoroughly prepare for the ‘gruelling’ (not our words!) QLTS MCT assessments.

So why have we introduced this offering? Easy:

  • it’s a good idea; and
  • candidates requested it.

Whilst the QLTS Course Handbook – included as standard with all MCT packages – contains generic advice and a blank study guide, we felt it was time to address the needs of candidates who really wanted to hit the ground running or who weren’t quite sure how, when and where to start. After all, there’s a lot of material; the textbooks alone amount to over 2,000 pages!

Candidates often ask: “How long does it take to prepare for the MCT and how long should I spend each week studying?” Without really spending time to understand a candidate’s position, experience, time commitments and needs, neither question can really be answered in anything other than very vague and general terms. Here’s just four of a few reasons why:

  • some candidates prepare for the MCT inside of a month (from scratch, we might add!) Others sign-up for the preparation course 3-6 months or even longer. Do you think the same preparation strategies would apply equally to both candidates?
  • one candidate may be an experienced civil litigator from a common law jurisdiction who can navigate a contract in her sleep (how’s that for multi-tasking?) whilst a candidate from a civil law jurisdiction may have limited experience working in a law firm with no experience whatsoever of common law;
  • if you work full-time, you have less time to study. If you work part-time or can devote yourself to full-time study, you will have more time to prepare;
  • Kaplan, the sole assessment provider for the QLTS, provides feedback on the subject areas in which previous MCT candidates did not perform strongly. Perhaps more time should be spent on these areas and less on others? Again, it depends on the candidate.

So check out our MCT course offerings

January is a great time to start preparing for the July MCT – many candidates allow themselves 6 months for study. If you want to really kick start your preparation efforts and take the hard work out of planning your schedule, you should consider the benefits you will enjoy from the initial consultation and personalised study plan offered as part of our new MCT Premium Course.

To learn more about the QLTS assessments and qualifying as an English solicitor, contact us today for a free consultation with one of our QLTS advisors.