Senior global law firm managing partner: English law is the law of choice of international clients and dual-qualification is a worthwhile step for foreign lawyers

Mr Oliver Brettle – Managing Partner of leading global law firm White & Case LLP – recently discussed with QLTS School the continued attraction of English law as the preferred jurisdiction for global business, and what this means in terms of demand for English lawyers.

We were eager for Mr Brettle’s insight as to why English law is so highly regarded. One reason, Mr Brettle says, is the historical provision of insurance contracts by Lloyds of London that were governed by English law and used around the world, which influenced the concomitant contracts to also be drawn up under the same jurisdiction.

Mr Brettle also considers that common law jurisdictions offer the flexibility that enables parties to contract with each other. Of the available common law jurisdictions, the certainty and respect accorded to the English legal system can be a discerning factor.

When asked whether dual-qualification is a worthwhile step for international lawyers, Mr Brettle replied, unhesitatingly: “Abundantly, yes.”

Listen to our exclusive podcast to discover more, including:

  • Which countries have clients – with no connection with the UK whatsoever – that conduct the majority of their business under English law;
  • How White & Case as a leading global law firms meets this demand;
  • Why dual-qualified solicitors are in a strong position to advance their career;
  • When, how and where dual-qualified solicitors can be of service to law firms and their clients.