Why Becoming a Dual-Qualified Lawyer will Help You Advance Your Legal Career?

Introduction As a lawyer, you are a well-trained, trusted and hardworking part of a well-regarded and prestigious profession, working in a highly competitive environment. You already know there is a heavy emphasis on Continuing Professional Development (CPD) or Continuing Legal Education (CLE) – developing and honing lawyers’ skills and legal knowledge. It goes without saying […]

3 Examples of US Companies Expanding into European Markets

US companies continue to expand into European markets. As you would imagine, though, there are challenges with expanding. There are a number of things companies need to do as they expand overseas into European markets. Some of the biggest challenges and obstacles are legal-related. That’s where knowledgeable lawyers can provide a valuable service for these […]

3 Ways Your Employer Can Support Your QLTS Studies

There’s no way around it: studying for the QLTS, working full-time and maintaining commitments outside work is a big ask in terms of discipline and time management. The financial cost is also significant, taking into account study materials, assessment fees and travel and logistics costs. Upcoming changes will allow the MCT to be sat outside […]

Cómo Convertirse en Abogado Internacional

Así que quieres convertirte en abogado internacional. No tienes dudas, lo has pensado cuidadosamente, y estás seguro que es en lo que te quieres convertir. Pero permíteme que te pregunte – ¿qué significa para ti exactamente? Después de todo, si lo piensas con calma, el término puede significar cosas diferentes para según qué personas. ¿Cuál […]

US Attorney Career Path Next Steps: Dual-qualification or LLM?

The bar exam is behind you and you’re a qualified attorney in your chosen state. Congratulations! Now what? US attorneys looking to take the next step in independently advancing their careers, enhancing marketable skills and unlocking practice in the international market are often faced with a choice. They can study for the internationally-recognised LLM in […]

US Attorney Career Path Next Steps: Dual-qualification or an MBA?

We previously looked at the factors to consider for US attorneys weighing up the benefits of dual-qualification over an LLM to advance their careers. Some US attorneys looking to optimize their career path may instead be considering an MBA over dual-qualifying as an English solicitor via the QLTS in order to practice English law. If […]

How to Become an International Lawyer

So you want to become an international lawyer. No doubt, you’ve thought it through carefully, and you’re sure it’s what you want to become. But let me ask you – what does it mean to you exactly? After all, if you think about it carefully, the term can mean different things to different people. What is […]

The New York State Bar Association (NYSBA) International Section’s 2014 Seasonal Meeting

QLTS School is a media sponsor of the New York State Bar Association (NYSBA) International Section’s 2014 Seasonal Meeting entitled “Rebuilding the Transatlantic Marketplace: Austria and Central Europe as Catalysts for Entrepreneurship and Innovation.” Co-sponsored by the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL), a full day of the meeting will focus on UNCITRAL […]

Are In-House Roles the New Legal Career Path of Choice?

Lawyers have always been divided into categories: litigator vs. contract drafter; big-city vs. provincial; business vs. private client; but one of the other classic divides is becoming less rigid, that of working in-house vs. in private practice. Recent statistics compiled by a global legal recruiter, Laurence Simons, show that companies across Europe, Africa and the […]

London edges out New York as the most popular destination for global professionals

London has overtaken New York as the most popular city for professionals working outside of their home country. Nationally, the US remains the most popular destination, but its better economic growth statistics have seen the UK almost catch up. The survey carried out by global recruiter Hydrogen this year, saw it consult with professionals in […]