Question of the Week – Equity and Trusts

Who gets what when something dissolves? Depends on who the people are and what it is that’s dissolving! This week, we look at unincorporated associations. Check out the question below. Hollie, Amy, Erin and Will are members of an unincorporated fishing club. The club owns a clubhouse which is registered in their joint names and […]

QLTS School Question Of The Week – Taxation

Many candidates worry about taxation questions. But tax doesn’t have to be taxing. One of the most common questions we are asked is whether it is necessary to memorise all thresholds, rates and percentages for the different types of taxation. The answer is yes… and no. At the very least, you should be familiar with […]

QLTS School Question Of The Week – Solicitors’ Accounts

One of the reasons I wanted to be a lawyer was because I liked dealing with facts. Arguments. Analysis. One thing was for sure: I didn’t like dealing with numbers and figures! But like it or not, proficiency – or at least a working understanding – of Solicitors’ Accounts is a pre-requisite to qualification as […]

QLTS School Question Of The Week – The English Legal System

Sometimes candidates come across a question in their MCT preparation in which all of the answer options appear to be correct. What’s happened here? Has the question designer messed up and the unchecked question has slipped through the checking process? We have had candidates in the past write in to point out this obvious drafting […]

The law on joint enterprise

Is it better to allow ten guilty men to walk free rather than to wrongly convict one innocent person?  According to a recent Parliamentary Justice Select Committee report on the common law doctrine of joint enterprise; it is. While courts often treat joint enterprise as an umbrella term, the type considered by the select committee […]