How to Become a Lawyer in the UK

If you’re thinking about becoming a lawyer in the UK, you may assume that you can practise law anywhere in the United Kingdom. We so often refer to lawyers working in the UK as ‘UK lawyers’ that it’s an easy assumption to make. However, the question of how to become a lawyer in the UK […]

Multi-Jurisdictional Lawyers to Lead the Way Forward in NY

For many years London has been a happy hunting ground for major US firms. As early as 1961 Baker & McKenzie set up shop in London, and in the intervening 53 years we have seen dozens of firms enter the UK legal market, whether through mergers with London firms or simply creating an international office, […]

Are In-House Roles the New Legal Career Path of Choice?

Lawyers have always been divided into categories: litigator vs. contract drafter; big-city vs. provincial; business vs. private client; but one of the other classic divides is becoming less rigid, that of working in-house vs. in private practice. Recent statistics compiled by a global legal recruiter, Laurence Simons, show that companies across Europe, Africa and the […]

Will the SRA’s new flexibility on legal education be extended to the QLTS?

The SRA recently published the responses to its public consultation on its proposals to reform the training regime for aspiring lawyers. The proposals, which have been named Training for Tomorrow, recommend important changes to the requirements placed on students, at both ends of the process. One of the more interesting proposals, proposal 1, was to […]

Training for Tomorrow – Proposals for New Reform in the Legal Profession are Underway

The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) published last week proposals for radical and wide-ranging changes to legal education and training in England and Wales. Its policy statement, Training for Tomorrow, sets out a comprehensive programme of proposals designed to produce a strong and effective system of legal education and training to ensure the provision of legal […]

Green shoots for the legal employment market?

Figures published in The Law Society Gazette this week may provide a sprig of optimism amongst otherwise gloomy economic and employment data. TheCityUK – a lobby group that “champions the international competitiveness of the financial services industry” – has published a London Employment Survey, from which the Law Society Gazette quotes a 3.3% rise in […]

Practice law in England without being an English lawyer? Potentially, under proposed EU reforms

Plans are afoot to widen access to the legal profession in EU member states through disaggregating the professional activities from the profession itself, and granting access to some of the former for incoming EU migrants. An interesting blog post of the International Working Group On The Legal Professions (IWGLP) discusses proposed reform of an EU […]