Should you Study for the QLTS Assessments While Working?

“Should I study full-time or squeeze preparation in around work?” Qualified Lawyer Transfer Scheme (QLTS) candidates across the world regularly grapple with this question. Without doubt, it is one of the most common initial enquiries we receive from those looking to take their legal career to the next level through dual-qualification as an English solicitor […]

Changes to the QLTS Approved

The Legal Services Board has approved the SRA’s proposed amendments and changes to the QLTS Regulations. A summary of the amendments is as follows: Remove the need for QLTS candidates, other than those with exemption from part of the exam, to obtain a Certificate of Eligibility from the SRA prior to sitting the QLTS assessments […]

Question of the Week on Business Law – Removal of Directors before the End of their Term

The Companies Act 2006 introduced several changes with respect to the removal of directors from office before the end of their term. Here is an example of an MCQ which addresses some aspects of this matter. Two directors of a private limited company are seeking a written resolution from the members of the company in […]

Future of the QLTS: SRA Research Finds Dual-Qualification Assessments ‘Robust’

  Q1 2013 is set to coincide with the publication of significant reports and investigations concerning legal education and training, which will have an impact on the QLTS. The QLTS milestone will be the three-year review of the scheme in March this year. However, we will also see the publication of the long-awaited LETR report, […]

New personalised QLTS MCT study plan offering already a hit!

Preparation for the MCT Assessment New MCT package gives candidates a flying start to their QLTS preparation thanks to a personal consultation and customised initial study plan. In December last year, we quietly revamped our MCT packages, adding new features. As we’ve been flat out updating course content, we didn’t announce the new packages straight […]

Practice law in England without being an English lawyer? Potentially, under proposed EU reforms

Plans are afoot to widen access to the legal profession in EU member states through disaggregating the professional activities from the profession itself, and granting access to some of the former for incoming EU migrants. An interesting blog post of the International Working Group On The Legal Professions (IWGLP) discusses proposed reform of an EU […]

QLTS School Question Of The Week – Solicitors’ Accounts

One of the reasons I wanted to be a lawyer was because I liked dealing with facts. Arguments. Analysis. One thing was for sure: I didn’t like dealing with numbers and figures! But like it or not, proficiency – or at least a working understanding – of Solicitors’ Accounts is a pre-requisite to qualification as […]

Senior global law firm managing partner: English law is the law of choice of international clients and dual-qualification is a worthwhile step for foreign lawyers

Mr Oliver Brettle – Managing Partner of leading global law firm White & Case LLP – recently discussed with QLTS School the continued attraction of English law as the preferred jurisdiction for global business, and what this means in terms of demand for English lawyers. We were eager for Mr Brettle’s insight as to why […]