‘Brexit’ – How Could it Impact Foreign Lawyers and the QLTS?

The unexpected has happened and the UK has voted to leave the European Union. This British Exit – known as ‘Brexit’ – has caused a lot of uncertainty and confusion both in the UK and around the world. You will hear different opinions on how this event will impact the world economy and the legal […]

London Legal Services Market Increasingly International

In a recent blog post, we wrote about the growth of UK law firms at the top end of the US market, especially in New York. It was once said that the US and the UK are two nations divided by a common language, but when it comes to legal services, they seem to be […]

London edges out New York as the most popular destination for global professionals

London has overtaken New York as the most popular city for professionals working outside of their home country. Nationally, the US remains the most popular destination, but its better economic growth statistics have seen the UK almost catch up. The survey carried out by global recruiter Hydrogen this year, saw it consult with professionals in […]

5 Reasons Why London Remains the Legal Capital of Europe

Businesses from all parts of the world regularly choose to use the law of England and Wales as the basis of their international commercial agreements. This has made London the capital of Europe, if not the world, for law and legal practice. Here’s a reminder of what makes London so attractive, and why English law […]

Diversity of London Law

A little over six months since the qualified lawyers transfer scheme (QLTS) came into effect, replacing the QLTT, and London is most definitely a legal centre on the international stage. The new scheme has been designed so the public can place confidence in the ability of practising English lawyers, regardless of their background. The QLTS […]

London "Legal Hub" Success Due To International Openness

oem software download London is a legal hub and English law is held in high esteem internationally, according to the president of the Law Society. In an article* on why London is at the heart of the legal and business sectors globally, Robert Heslett referred to English lawyers as historically being the “pioneers” of launching […]