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QLTS School offers the most comprehensive, affordable and flexible way to prepare for the Qualified Lawyers Transfer Scheme (QLTS) assessments. Our course programmes are based on comprehensive textbooks, video tutorials, online resources, mock exams and tutor support.

Our tutors and administrative staff attended the various SRA seminars that were held in London over the last several years. Accordingly, we have designed and developed our QLTS preparation courses, which reflect the SRA’s Day One Outcomes and the examiner’s requirements.

We have successfully prepared thousands of lawyers for the assessments and are strictly focused on QLTS training. We are the only provider that has been offering courses for the QLTS since its introduction in 2011.

We have therefore gained valuable experience which greatly benefits our candidates.

Why should You Take a Course for the QLTS Assessments?

Kaplan QLTS, the sole assessment provider, is not allowed by the SRA to offer preparation courses for the assessments. The syllabus, however, is comprehensive and covers the entire corpus of English Law, which is taught in the UK over several years.

Therefore, it is essential that you prepare for the assessments with a course provider that understands your needs and will provide you with the right guidance, so that you can pass the assessments on your first attempt.

Key Information about QLTS School’s Courses

QLTS School’s course enables you to study in your preferred environment, at your own pace, and at the most suitable and convenient time for you – whether at home, in the office or elsewhere.

Our training programmes are designed for busy lawyers who have a limited time to devote for preparation. Whether you are qualified in a common law or civil law jurisdiction, have little or extensive legal experience, and whether English is your first or second language – you’ll benefit from our professional guidance and many years of experience of preparing foreign lawyers for the QLTS assessments.

Here are some key elements of our courses:

  • Flexible, comprehensive and cost-effective course programmes for the two parts of the QLTS assessment
  • A series of professionally written textbooks covering all subject areas required by the SRA
  • Summaries of the main legal concepts and key areas of each subject
  • Digital flash cards with short questions and answers
  • Extensive online resources
  • Periodic updates for the course material
  • Dozens of mock tests simulating exam conditions
  • A video library with online tutorials and professional presentations, available to watch on your computer, iPad, iPhone or Android devices
  • Expert tutors and legal skills trainers, with many years of experience in teaching international candidates for the QLTS assessments
  • Legal skills video and live workshops
  • Remote access to Lexis Library and West Law databases, exclusively offered to our candidates – no need to go to any physical library
  • Special arrangements and unique programmes for international candidates based outside the UK
  • Personalised consultations and step-by-step study plans so that you can benefit from a structured and proven yet tailored study plan from the moment you begin your preparation
  • Proven track record and video testimonials of numerous candidates who passed the assessments on their first attempt and are now dual-qualified English solicitors – we invite you to visit the Success Stories page on this website to learn more about the experiences of some of our former candidates

QLTS School’s preparation courses cover each of the two elements of the assessment:


Our MCT course gives you everything you need to pass the MCT – you do not need to buy any other material, and can study whenever and wherever you want.

MCT Books

What is Included in our Course?

  • 11 comprehensive textbooks in a hard copy format – the books weigh over 2,000 pages in total and cover all areas of practice required by the SRA in Outcomes A1-A11: The English Legal System & EU Law, Constitutional Law & Judicial Review, Professional Conduct & Solicitors’ Accounts, Financial Regulation & Taxation, Property, Contracts Law, Torts, Criminal Law, Equity & Trusts, Business Law, and Human Rights. We are the only provider that publishes MCT textbooks in a hard copy format.
  • QLTS Course Handbook explaining the fundamentals of the QLTS assessments, structure of the course programme, suggested study guide and test administration procedures, protocols and policies
  • MCT Video Library with over 100 tutorials with professional presentations, spanning 35 + of lectures. You can watch the videos on your PC, iPad, iPhone or Android devices (see a preview below)
  • Revision notes summarising the key points and main legal principles on each subject
  • 2,500+ digital flash cards – short questions and answers on each of the topics covered by the syllabus
  • 1,500+ multiple choice practice questions with detailed solutions
  • 15 mock exams (with 90 questions each) that will enable you to test your progress and simulate a real test, with intermingled questions and a time limit similar to the formal MCT – View a Demo of a 20-question MCT Sample Test (opens in a new window)
  • Free periodic updates for the course materials
  • 2 hours of tutor support
  • An initial guidance and customised study plan prepared by one of our MCT senior tutors

The practice questions, mock tests, flash cards, revision notes and updates to the course materials are available on our MCT Online Training System. Access to the MCT Online Training System is for 12 months commencing on your date of registration, or until you have passed the MCT, whichever is the earlier of the two.

Check out this demo version of our MCT Online Training System, which is used by almost every person preparing for the MCT assessment today.

MCT Video Library Preview


There is no specific or pre-determined pass mark on the MCT. The pass mark is determined by a special ‘Standard Setting Panel’ convened by the SRA following the assessment. Your results are measured in comparison to the standards expected of a newly qualified solicitor. Therefore, you must obtain a high score in order to pass.

High Pass Rates

Candidates who prepare with QLTS School pass at more than double the rate compared to non-QLTS School candidates. To prove this claim, we have engaged ICF International (NASDAQ:ICFI), an independent, third party research firm, that has analysed and validated our pass rates. The study, which covered three consecutive MCT sittings in 2013 and 2014, also shows that 3 out of 4 candidates who pass the MCT assessment study with QLTS School, and that the vast majority of QLTS School’s candidates pass on their first attempt.

QLTS School’s MCT course will therefore dramatically improve your prospects of success and will give you a significant advantage over examinees who do not study through a structured course.

MCT course packages: The basic package for the MCT costs £990 (with 5 mock tests). You can also get access to the MCT Video Library for £1,290, 15 mock tests and 2 hours of tutor support plus a customised study plan prepared by one of our tutors for £1,590. Shipping is free within the UK, £40 to Europe and the US and £90 to other destinations.

OSCE Course

QLTS School’s course for the OSCE features a very unique approach for the practical assessment. Our course combines selected LPC books, online resources (including interactive exercises with video and audio material), flash cards, legal skills video workshops, and mock exams for self-assessment with suggested solutions.

You will be tested on five skills Interviewing, Advocacy/Oral Presentation, Legal Writing, Legal Drafting and Online Legal Research, in the context of three main areas of legal practice: Business Law, Litigation (Civil and Criminal), and Property Law (Conveyancing, Wills and Probate).

You should be able to know and understand the relevant legal principles and foundation law, to explain those to the client using accurate and timely advice, know which documents to use and also to draft various documents yourself when needed. These skills are assessed in 15 simulated stations through six days with short breaks between each station.

What is Included in our Course?

We offer several packages for the OSCE preparation course:

  • Course Guide –covering the structure, methodology and marking criteria of the practical assessment, study guides, and test administration procedures, protocols and policies
  • Practice area summaries – the essential elements of the law and practice areas are summarised and divided into sections covering each main topic tested on the assessment
  • 2,000+ digital flash cards that cover the legal practice areas
  • 1,800+ multiple choice practice questions to help you learn and understand the substantive and procedural law
  • OSCE practice questions – each question includes multiple exercises which are based on a single scenario/case study common to that practice area
  • 15 English writing tasks which are intended to help you improve your writing skills in a professional capacity
  • Up to 250 mock exams with suggested solutions for self-assessment
  • Legal research guides for effectively conducting legal research on both LexisLibrary and Westlaw
  • Free periodic updates for the course material
  • Access to QLTS Skills Online – an innovative and interactive online tool to prepare for the OSCE assessment
  •  Legal Skills Video Workshops – the workshops contain a suite of more than 100 videos (spanning nearly 20 hours in total), and summaries with key notes (about 70 pages). The videos on interviewing, advocacy and oral presentation includes role-play scenarios and expert tutor’s commentary and tips for success. The legal research presentations provide a detailed walkthrough of attempting a legal research task, from understanding the parameters of the task through, conducting research on LexisLibrary and Westlaw, to a research letter of advice or memo. Access to the workshops is included in the Advantage and Premium packages as standard
  • Initial consultation and a tailor-made study plan prepared by a tutor (Premium course only)
  • Mock practice stations with one-to-one tutor feedback in the client interviewing and in advocacy/oral presentation assessments. The mock stations will be conducted via Skype, Facetime or telephone, and be personally marked by one of our tutors, who will provide you with feedback based on the SRA marking criteria (Premium Course only)
  • Live workshops in London on interviewing, advocacy and oral presentation skills (optional)
  • Networking opportunities with other examinees and online peer review during the practical assessment

Do I Need to Come to the UK to Take the Course?

Study anytime, anywhere: You do not need to come to the UK to take the course – you can study from a variety of locations worldwide.

Our candidates will be using during the course selected textbooks with access to online resources of Oxford University Press, covering the five areas of practice.

We are pleased to announce that QLTS School and Oxford University Press have reached an agreement that provides QLTS School’s candidates with a 20% discount of all OUP titles required for the OSCE course.

There are three packages for the OSCE course (prices vary based on the number of mock exams for self-assessment, access to the Legal Skills Video Workshops, and personal tutor feedback):

  • Basic – £1,590 (50 mock exams)
  • Advantage – £1,990 (250 mock exams plus access to the Legal Skills Video Workshops)
  • Premium – £2,390 (250 mock exams plus access to the Legal Skills Video Workshops, initial guidance and a tailor-made study plan, and personal tutor feedback on two mock stations)

There is an additional cost of LPC textbooks (approximately £150 plus shipping) and access to LexisLibrary and Westlaw (£200 for six months’ access for each of the databases).  The OSCE Live Workshops are offered for an additional charge on a one-to-one basis (£650 (4 hours)/£1,300 (8 hours)) or in small groups of 3-6 people (8 hours, £500). You must be a registered QLTS candidate to be able to sign up for the workshops.

Visit our OSCE course packages to sign up for the preparation course.


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